SVG in IE (Update)

I made some changes to the IESVG behavior. I am trying to get better feature coverage without making the rendering too slow. I have been testing the code using some SVG images from different places, trying to figure out what parts of SVG seem to be more important than others. Recents chanegs include:

  • Basic support for gradient fills. It’s pretty weak and may have not SVG-correct.
  • Basic support for svg:g elements.
  • Switched code to use DOM methods (appendChild and replaceChild) instead of slower, string-based methods.

I plan to add more support for gradients. I also plan to add some scripting support. You can do scripting now, but you need to treat the elements as VML, not SVG. I plan to add some methods to the VML elements to make them appear more SVG-like when scripting.

Files can be downloaded from here. I added the SVG lion to the samples:

Sample files: lion.htm (IE), lion.xhtml (Firefox)

Update: Fixed 404 on link above.

8 Replies to “SVG in IE (Update)”

  1. Good day,

    This is really a good solution to many problems relating to SVG support under IE. Is there any plans to support svg events and more importantly Viewboxes?

    Thanks a stack and keep it up! You are my new hero!

  2. Mark, its good piece of code.
    I want to know whether this will support event handling using javascript.

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