I recently accepted a job offer from Mozilla Corporation. Today, I start working as an extension evangelist / consultant – helping extension developers be more successful, productive and happy.

Mozilla has some really smart people and cool technologies. I can’t wait to get started.

Update: He really is a special guy. Thanks Mike.

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  1. Welcome. Please read this:

    Having danced around the edges of the mozilla platform since milestone ~0.6, I do have to agree with Steve. But the platform has been compelling enough to keep me coming back, hoping I’ll cross some threshold and really learn to love it. As always. the next major version is most enticing (mostly for the python support).

    I wanna love it. Please help!

  2. Yeah, we’ve been talking about the 1-file XUL app (or extension) for some time, and it’s certainly something that a lot of us would like to see realized in Gecko Two. Support for inline style and XBL bindings, some XML PIs to give overlay instructions in the opposite direction, some please-god-don’t-make-it-be-RDF-again expression of the usual extension metadata, and…dare I say whammo?

    Of course, if we cheated and defined some of those grammars and then had…oh…SOMEONE write some tools to explode them out into today’s profusion of formats, we could really be on to something. Mark: you busy next week? 🙂


  3. Thanks Mark. I understand the issues and why mozilla the platform is where it is today. Will you be approaching the issues exclusively from extension development or will you take on xulrunner too as it nears 1.0?

  4. Dan – My primary focus is on extensions. On the other hand, the reason I started with Mozilla stuff is XUL Runner. There is a lot of XUL/XPCOM overlap between the two, so anything we can do to aid developers will help both areas. I am eager to see XUL Runner get to 1.0

  5. Everyone in Developer Relations is pretty excited by our gradual expansion. I think that over the next year things are really going to start to pull together, and developing stuff based on Mozilla will get much easier.

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