XUL Clippings

I thought I’d pull together some simple XUL examples you could load into XUL Explorer. It might help you get started using XUL Explorer. It may also help first-timers begin to see how XUL can be used to create a UI. Sometimes starting from scratch can be a hurdle.

Note: These are simply XUL files and if you’re using Firefox (or another XUL enabled browser), clicking the links will open the files in the browser instead of downloading to your machine. Right-click on the links and pick “Save Link As…” to save them to your machine.

4 Replies to “XUL Clippings”

  1. That’s some cool stuff!

    Note that your simple tree file pops up a javascript error when you select an item since you’ve set an onselect attribute pointing to a non-existing function. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

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