More XUL Dark Matter

In December, Robert O’Callahan had a post about the large amount of XUL-based development happening without much visibility. Mozilla wants to find out as much as possible about such development. At Solutions Linux 2007, there was a Mozilla/XUL Round Table session to examine the potential of the Mozilla platform through success stories. From what I have seen (mostly in French) it was quite a successful session. Some of the demos and stories included: has a detailed writeup (French) (English via Google Translate). What XUL dark matter development do you know about?

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  1. You will find other examples of company who use XUL, here : (translation to english : )

    More and more companies use XUL and XulRunner in Europe. That’s why i would like to see most of FUEL API integrated into XulRunner (so, in the toolkit), instead of only in the browser šŸ˜‰ (see my comment on your previous post)

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