Offline Cache Support in Firefox

Offline cache support was added to the Firefox trunk last night. Check out bug 367447 for details. This is a major step in Firefox 3’s offline webapp support. There is still some more things to add, however, including an API for web developers. I’d expect the API to “feel” like some of the WHATWG APIs for web applications. I’d also expect drafts of any APIs to be ready for review soon. In fact, bug 371432 does have some API discussion.

Now that the offline cache has landed, Firefox nightly builds will support the offline demo I made, as well as any other demos – like maybe Chris’ Zimbra port?

7 Replies to “Offline Cache Support in Firefox”

  1. Need to extend the off-line cache to scripts…

    Older browsers will pull the file off the local web server. Newer browsers will see if the named file/version exists in the off-line cache and if not, grab a copy.

    This effectively makes jquery (or any other JS library) part of the Firefox Javascript API, the library would be pulled from cache, instantly, maybe even pre-tokenized if you want to get fancy.

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