What’s New on MDC

Just thought I’d point out some new content appearing on the Mozilla Developer Center (MDC).

  • Saving Canvas to a File: Given a canvas element and a destinstion file path, this code snippet saves the contents of the canvas to a PNG file. The code could easily be tweaked to become a general purpose “download to file” instead of only handling canvas elements.
  • XUL Control Guide: This is a handy quick guide to the various XUL control elements. In addition to a picture of the control, there are also links to reference and tutorial information.
  • Observing the Download Manager: This snippet shows how you can observe the various notifications of the download manager.
  • Troubleshooting XPCOM Registration: When component registration fails its currently very difficult to figure out the cause. This article steps through a few troubleshooting tips you can use to find the problem. We hope to get better tracing and debugging of component registration failures in Firefox 3.

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  1. Mark, how about “Saving Web Page as Image Using Canvas”? This will be only a little more complicated but far more useful – AFAICT lots of people are looking for code that can do that. I posted it a while ago here: http://xpoint.ru/forums/programming/XUL/thread/39001.xhtml#350838 (I don’t think you can read Russian but the code should be self-explaining). Of course you will want to save the URL to disk instead of assigning it to location.href.

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