Tapestry – Yahoo Mail on XUL

I came across an interesting application of XUL and the new Yahoo email web services via Ryan Kennedy. The application is called Tapestry and its a neat little XUL-based email client. From Ryan’s post:

One person in particular, Gopal, was already building something with the web service. I had been in contact with him previously over email and had heard about his application. He invited me down to his desk to have a look and to help debug a few things. What I saw caused my jaw to drop. Gopal had built a XUL interface to Yahoo! Mail using the web service for communication with the backend. It was fast, it was pretty and he had managed to pull off client-side message threading.

Gopal’s post has more details on how he built Tapestry, as well as links to code. Very cool!


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  1. The code has a few issues with threads with more than 10 emails, because there is a less than 10 check (api restriction) which is missing in Message.prototype.related getter for the inner loop 🙂

    And the api wrapper code might be interesting as well :-


    Also, I’m not really a front-end/javascript guy, more of a C systems level guy, so any advice on improving my XUL/JS foo can be sent to gopalv -shift+2- php.net.

    PS: the server ate my frist post 🙂

  2. I wonder if someone could build a extension to add support for a “Yahoo Protocol” for Thunderbird… thus enabling support for Thunderbird users to use Yahoo accounts without upgrading for POP3 access.

    Not sure if this violates their TOS… just a random idea.

  3. I think that Thunderbird 2.0 has built-in web based e-mail integration, if I’m not mistaken.

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