Firefox 3 – Bookmarks and Extensions

Currently, I am adding bookmark wrappers to FUEL 0.2 using the new Places API. As I do, I am just struck by how much functionality is exposed by the new API. Accessing bookmarks is a common request for extension developers. The old bookmark service isn’t as easy to use (IMO), mainly due to the amount of RDF that is seeping out of it. The new bookmarks and annotation services are very straight forward and clear. Here are some of my highlights so far:

  • Updating bookmark properties is really easy.
  • Using bookmark observers to notify you whenever a bookmark is added, changed, visited, moved or removed.
  • Creating annotations to attach data to pages and bookmarks.
  • Navigating the hierarchy of bookmarks is really easy.

No RDF in sight.

3 Replies to “Firefox 3 – Bookmarks and Extensions”

  1. Yes, the new Places API is very powerful. But I think the drag/drop mechanism of the bookmark menu is some kind of ugly than the bookmark management module. It is impossible to add a microsummary bookmark by drag/drop to bookmark menu because of the drop handler can’t process any more data than bookmark title and url. I think the handler should be modified to accept more data from the drag session to make it possible to add bookmark properties by drag/drop.
    I also post my idea at , how do you think about it ?

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