Firefox 3 – Bookmarks on Places Lands

Big news for those of you following Firefox 3 development. Places, the new backend implementation for bookmarks and page history, landed last night and will be ready for Firefox 3a5. Here’s an overview from the Places developers page:

Places is a re-write of Firefox’s bookmarks and history system. It aims to have significantly more flexibility and the ability to have complex querying. It also includes some new features such as favicon storage, and the ability to annotate pages with arbitrary information. It also includes a lot of new UI.

In addtion to the new features and UI this will allow in Firefox 3, it also gives extension developers a more powerful API for use in extensions. Places uses sqlite and the mozStorage to store bookmark and history data. Besides history and bookmark APIs, annonations, favicon and livemark service APIs are also available.

Dan Mill’s Mozillazine post has information about the upgrade and is a place where users can provide feedback.

So long mork. Mook and Mano corrected Mark about Mork.

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