Tokyo and Paris Mozilla Developer Conferences

Mozilla Japan is putting together a big Mozilla developer conference on June 16th in Tokyo. The wiki page has some details and a draft schedule. This conference will be bigger than the recent developer days in Mountain View and Boston. Japan seems to have a large Firefox extension development community and I am looking forward to working with them.

Mozilla Europe’s Paris developer day on June 23rd is shaping up to be fairly big too. Europe has a large community of Mozilla developers (including XULRunner developers). They have been fairly vocal recently about their thoughts on the roadmap of the Mozilla platform. There should be a lot of great discussion.

Both events are likely to be more than one day, due to the amount of material. Sadly, due to the proximity of the events, I’ll only be going to the Tokyo event. Hopefully, I’ll make the next European developer day (yes, there is already talk of one).

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