Tokyo Developer Conference Wrapup


Mozilla-Japan (Chibi, Kaori, Gen and everyone else) did a great job putting together the developer conference. I think we had over 150 attendees and over 25 presenters.

It was the first time I attended a non-English conference. However, the translators did a great job. Even during my own presentations, the translators were doing simultaneous translation during the Q&A. It was incredible.

I really enjoyed the Extension Lightning Talks and the Extension Developer Environment sessions. The Japanese presenters were not only extremely talented developers, but they also did a great job making the presentations very entertaining. They were obviously trying to “one-up” each other during the presentations and did so with great flare, showmanship and the occasional practical joke. The translators could barely keep up! I want to talk more about the kinds of extensions presented and the extension developer community in a future post. Its a very rich and dedicated group of people.

I have had a great time in Tokyo. There has been lots to see and do and eat and drink. It’s a great city and 4 days was too short to explore. Thanks to Kaori and Gen for showing us around the city, it was a lot of fun.

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