4 Replies to “WebRunner + Gears = Offline Desktop Reader”

  1. I know I’ve bashed the idea of WebRunner before, but this is cool. (In fact I must admit I did a project last year where I used a SSB to deliver a Moodle exam where the instructor wanted more control over the experience)

  2. @Marc – WebRunner seems to work for me on OS X (though I am not sure about Gears)

    I just threw together a Mac OS X bundle with WebRunner 0.3, you may want to try it before going to the trouble of putting something together (assuming you didn’t already build it)

    If anyone wants to try WebRunner on OS X feel free to try my bundle. I would love to hear some feedback if you do try it out…
    More info on my site: http://www.developerfriendly.com/node/9

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