WebRunner 0.5 – Linux Install

After much struggle (I was raised on Windows), I put together a Linux installer for WebRunner. I failed to get file associations working automatically, so you will need to manually set those up. I am including a tar.gz file, as well as, a simple installer. No deb/rpm package yet either 🙁

The *.webapp profiles are installed into the application folder. you can copy them to wherever you want. For now, you’ll need to right-click on a *.webapp file to display its properties and configure the “Open with” settings yourself – sorry.

The Linux installer (built using InstallJammer) works very much like the Windows installer, which may be a bad thing for regular Linux users. Let me know what you think. I could use some help building scripts to auto-register the file associations (webrunner -> *.webapp) and thoughts on building packages.

I was looking at BitRock’s InstallBuilder which makes installers (Windows, Mac and Linux) and packages (deb and rpm). They have a free license for open source projects. Maybe that is a good approach.

Install: webrunner-0.5-linux 7MB
Archive: webrunner-0.5.tar.gz 10MB

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  1. mmm…

    for registerint the mime types.

    man update-mime
    for the rest.

    It is not so hard ;).

    Basically, that command will add one line to /etc/mailcap

  2. Tried both the .tar.gz and installer versions. Had problems at first with a missing library, but ‘yum install compat-libstdc++*’ solved that and webrunner runs now. However, regardless of what .webapp file I open, webrunner just goes straight to mozilla.org. After associating the extension, right clicking on any .webapp file offers an ‘open with webrunner’ option, but it always goes to mozilla.org. Running ‘./webrunner gmail.webapp’ from the terminal also does the same thing.

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