If By ‘Web-Enable’ You Mean ‘Desktop-Enable’, Then Yes

Ryan Stewart has made a critical blunder in his attempt to create a Kawasaki-esque mantra for Adobe STEAM. This blunder will likely cause the failure of Adobe MIST and the eventual collapse of Adobe itself. I give you Stewart’s mantra:

Web-Enabled Desktop Development

Clearly, the man has lost his senses. Such bright promise – a pity really. Web enabling a desktop application is like embedding MSHTML in your MFC application and if this is Mr. Stewart’s vision of the future, perhaps they need to keep some windows open on the bus. I have been working tirelessly (not really) on a concept called WebRunner – similar to Adobe WIND, only better – and have also created a mantra:

Desktop-Enabled Web Development

The countless hours spent on my mantra were worth it and the distinction is so obvious even Google Translate could see it. Yes, ‘Web’ is the focus here – ‘Desktop’ is dead. Mr. Stewart is no doubt kicking himself over this whole incident. To show my empathy, I am allowing Mr. Stewart to use my mantra in place of his own (CC BY-ND).


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