XUL Explorer 0.7

I finally pulled enough pieces together to get the next XUL Explorer release ready. Most of the new features in XUL Explorer 0.7 came from contributors which is cool. New in this version:

  • Application and Extension project wizards have much better error handling and validation. The code was restructured so both wizards share a common base class. Thanks to Matt Crocker for the patch.
  • Users can add external manifest folders to XUL Explorer. This is a great help when previewing a XUL file that references external chrome folders. Previously, an erro message would display (missing DTDs) or the XUL wouldn’t style correctly (missing CSS). Now, users can add the manifest folders to XUL Explorer using the Options dialog and the external manifest files will be included when previewing so everything looks right. Thanks to John Marshall for the patch.


  • Autocomplete history lists were added to the Application and Extension project wizards to make it a bit easier to generate code to a previously used folder location. This feature was more about making autocomplete textboxes work and less about usability.

I had to stick with packaging XULRunner (1.8.1 for Mac) because XULRunner 1.9 has a nasty bug that keeps the caret hidden in the editor window.

Download the latest version from here.

Update: I fixed the broken link to the Mac version on the MDC page.

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