Software Freedom Day – Wrapup

Thanks to Douglas and the rest of the Carolina Open Source Initiative for putting on a great Software Freedom Day celebration at the University of North Carolina. There was a good bit of traffic through the event. We had plenty of people stop by our table.

I enjoyed Pam Sessoms’ presentation on using Pidgin (libpurple) and Jabber (XMPP) to allow multiple librarians to seamlessly answer questions from library patrons. There is also a feature that allows evening (after hours) questions to be routed between librarians at Duke and NCSU. I am a sucker for using off-the-shelf components to solve real problems.

Justin Scott had the SVG / Video demo running at our table. It turned out to be a big hit. I have a feeling my presentation on “Getting started with Mozilla” wasn’t as interesting.

Remnants of Hurricane Humberto made getting out of North Carolina harder than we thought.

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