Firefox 3 – Plays Well With Others

Mozilla endeavors to promote open standards, while at the same time, create a better Web, even if it means using the “other guys” specifications and DOM extensions. Here is a summary of features added to Firefox 3 (Gecko 1.9) that either implement a good open specification or someone else’s DOM extensions – for the betterment of the Web:

WHATWG Web Applications (link)

Internet Explorer DOM Extensions (link)

  • clientTop and clientLeft DOM extensions are now supported.
  • elementFromPoint DOM extension is now supported (bug 199692).
  • oncut, oncopy onpaste, onbeforecut, onbeforecopy and onbeforepaste DOM event extensions are now supported (bug 280959).
  • getClientRects and getBoundingClientRect DOM extensions are now supported (bug 174397).
  • The HttpOnly cookie extension attribute is now supported (bug 178993).

Yes, some of the Internet Explorer extensions are also WHATWG specs.

Not Invented Here? Not a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

4 Replies to “Firefox 3 – Plays Well With Others”

  1. what a nice change from the early Mozilla days when I used to log requests for IE interop issues and get the response “that’s an IE thing, we only do the DOM standard here”.

  2. For the Internet Explorer DOM Extensions part, I would add the getClientRects and getBoundingClientRect new DOM element methods.

  3. I’d personally like to see Metalink support in Firefox. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s a decent open spec that lists things like mirrors and checksums in an XML file, to be used by download programs. It’d probably be pretty trivial to implement, because the under the hood stuff is already in place. There’s already a great Addon that shows it off, and a bug in bugzilla but no love.

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