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One new feature we added to WebRunner is web application styling or theming. You can drop a “webapp.css” file in the bundle and it will be applied to the hosted web application. You can also use platform-specific folders in the bundle to apply specific CSS based on the current platform (Windows, Mac or Linux). We’ll put more details up on the wiki when the feature is released. In the meantime, here is a screenshot of Google Reader hosted in WebRunner, running on Mac, using Jon Hicks’ excellent CSS theme.

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This is nothing you couldn’t do in Firefox already. In fact, the Stylish extension and userstyles.org make it pretty simple. But WebRunner + OS specific themes really make for a nice “desktop” web app.

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  1. hi,Mark,
    i have 2 gmail account and i then want to build 2 gmail apps to run the 2 account, but it seem the webrunner just use 1 cookie of the accounts, how can i overcome this problem?

  2. That looks outstanding. Has it been released? I just downloaded WebRunner 0.7 and it looks like a great way to reduce distractions. Be outstanding if Greasemonkey were built in. I’ve become far too dependent on the GmailMacros script…

  3. Awesome, can’t wait to try out that Reader theme!

    Is there any way to launch more than one web-app with webrunner in OS X? I just get a blank popup window if I try to launch more than one.

    Maybe if I write an apple script to launch the actual binary?

  4. At douwen,
    You could also install Prism (http://labs.mozilla.com/2007/10/prism/) which seems to do this but simpler (Easier to add new sites, but less customisation and no app-scripts).

    Firefox, WebRunner, and Prism all store their cookies seperately, and as a side note they also have different user agents.

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