Prism 0.8 – Now for Mac & Linux

Over at Mozilla Labs, we’ve released Prism 0.8 for Mac and Linux. We also took the opportunity to release a refreshed Prism 0.8 for Windows too. Why? you may ask. While getting the Mac and Linux versions ready, we received lots of feedback and bug reports from users. We were able to fix a few of the painful bugs, so a refreshed Windows release seemed appropriate. Some of the fixes include:

  • Bug 401021 – Shortcut with spaces in web application name doesn’t work
  • Bug 401244 – Blank name field causes silent failure
  • Bug 391429 – Editor caret is hidden in XULRunner applications

That last bug (391429) was a XULRunner bug, not only Prism. It was the reason that the cursor/caret was not visible when using rich editing in GMail and other rich editing web applications. Thanks to Songbird’s Matt Crocker for fixing that one!

NOTE: For Windows users who want to install the refresh – Uninstall and reinstall, just to be safe. As long as you reinstall into the same folder location, all your shortcuts will continue to work.

As the Labs post shows, we have some nice features in the pipeline. We also want to know what web applications you’re using with Prism (and how we could make those apps better).

Thanks to everyone who is downloading and trying it out. Keep the feedback coming.

7 Replies to “Prism 0.8 – Now for Mac & Linux”

  1. Great job Mark!

    A couple of suggestions:
    1. Maybe someone could shoot an email to the Google Gears team to ask them to create (an unofficial) build of Gears with Mozilla 1.9 so it can work with Prism 0.8? I’m missing my offline mode in Google Reader πŸ™‚
    2. For extension compatibility reasons, please consider changing the id of the status bar to ‘status-bar’ as in Firefox, instead of ‘statusbar’.

    Also, I think that supporting borderless/translucent/always-on-top windows (as previously suggested) would allow a whole new range of new and interesting applications.

    Looking forward to next releases!

  2. Thanks for the update! Sadly, it’s gone from bad to worse in the GMail rich text editor. Now it’s not accepting any input at all. Also, window sizes are not being retained after closing and re-opening.

  3. Hi Mark,

    I have a few feature requests πŸ™‚

    1. Enable find in page. I use Prism to work with a Wiki (without the distractions available in my regular browser). Find would be very useful.

    2. Automatically save the favicon. I manually saved the favicons for the webapps that I use. This improves usability (being able to distinguish open Prism windows from each other). It looks like something that could easily be done automatically.

    3. Use the app icon for new windows. When I click on a link in a mail in Gmail, it opens a new window. It would be nice if it used the same icon as the original window. That way it would be more obvious what is what just from glancing at the taskbar.

    Thanks for a great app. It is improving my productivity no end by putting Reddit and Google Reader a little “further out of my reach”.

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