XUL Explorer – 0.8 Sneaks Out

Yeah, its been awhile since I released XUL Explorer 0.7 and at the time there was a bad editor bug in Mozilla trunk, so I released using an older version of XULRunner. However, the bug has been fixed, so I made some small tweaks & fixes and will release XUL Explorer 0.8 using a XULRunner 1.9b2 pre-release.

Besides the editor bug fix, I wanted to use XUL Explorer to demo some of the new features that landed, including the cool new XML and SQL based XUL templates.

Download from here.

Update: See this post for XUL templating examples using SQL (mozStorage).

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  1. It seems that XUL 1.9b2 is slower than 1.8, especially javascript performance. I have an application which uses lightbox like dialog extensively. When a dialog opens, xulrunner 1.9b draws overlay – transparent black one like most examples of lightbox – with flickering. 1.8 version has little less flickering than 1.9b. IE7 and Safari(I’m using windows but I have windows version of Safari) does not have this problem. I think gecko engine had been faster on rendering performance but it’s not now. I’ve choosed XUL because I’ve thought that it shows higher performance than IE engine but now I hope Prism based on IE engine would be better choice if current performance problem won’t be fixed.

  2. Why not package it without the 23MB xulrunner subdirectory, and let people run it using the Firefox 3 -app trick?

    C:\>”C:\Program Files\Minefield\firefox.exe” -app xulexplorer\application.ini

    seems to work fine. “If you have Firefox3 you can run any small fast full-featured XUL app” should be the meme. Anyway, it’s a really nice sampler. I couldn’t see a demo of the “cool new XML and SQL based XUL templates” in it.

    After I put a snippet in the code window (by double-clicking or drag and drop), dragging the scroll thumb creates a shadowy drag-and-drop outline instead of scrolling. (With Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9b2pre) Gecko/2007112505 Minefield/3.0b2pre ID:2007112505 .)

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