Extension Developers – Unbreaking News

Just an update on the breaking changes I mentioned. We are working on a different fix for the original bug, so hopefully, we won’t need to change the XUL element ID’s. You can follow the progress of this alternate fix here.

It looks like we can revert the element ID’s back to their previous values, not break extensions and get the intended visual changes in Firefox 3. I would suggest extension developers hold off on making any changes to overlays.

3 Replies to “Extension Developers – Unbreaking News”

  1. The ID issue is a pain but livable. Forcing the user to choose between the new unified Back/Forward button and small icons on ALL toolbars appears quite unfriendly. Making the nav-bar/navigator-toolbar iconsize respect a preference is way more user friendly. Then we “can have it our way”. Just a thought from a user and extension developer.

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