Extension Developers – FUEL Change

For any extension developers out there using FUEL, I checked in a small, but breaking change (bug 421235). FUEL’s bookmark wrappers only supported bookmark items found on the bookmark menu, which was the only bookmark root available at the time. Things have changed and now bookmark roots exist for menu items, toolbar items, tags and unfiled items.

We updated FUEL to support the new roots, but this could cause existing code to break:

Before change:
Application.bookmarks => BookmarkFolder

After change:
Application.bookmarks => BookmarkRoots

So, code that does something like this:

Application.bookmarks.addBookmark("A cool bookmark", bookmarkURI);

Should now use:

Application.bookmarks.menu.addBookmark("A cool bookmark", bookmarkURI);

Of course, Application.bookmarks.toolbar, Application.bookmarks.tags and Application.bookmarks.unfiled can be used now too.

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  1. Christopher Finke said,

    March 17, 2008 @ 1:13 pm

    Hurray; OPML Support will now be more complete. Thanks Mark.

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