Extension Developers – Monitor Those Plugins

I’ve mentioned plugin monitoring, a student project from Seneca College, back when the developers sucessfully got their project “marks”. I am quite pleased to see the project actually land in Firefox 3 (Mozilla 1.9) last week (bug 412770).

Fima (gluon) worked through the review process and landed the monitoring portion of the project. Now, extension developers can use an nsIObserver notification (“experimental-notify-plugin-call”) to monitor the processing time used by a plugin. Fima created an MDC article to cover the details. His blog has many posts on the subject.

He also has a Firefox extension you can use to monitor long running plugin code.

It’s a cinderella story complete with fairy godmothers.

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  1. Hi Mark, I’m trying to find a way to use the Firefox and/or MSHTML API’s (separately of course) to detect when the javascript engine has been loaded. I thought you might have some pointers. I really would prefer to use MSHTML since the main consumer is IE, but Mozilla would be fine too.

    The situation is this – I have an HTML filter that cleans unsafe HTML and saves the ‘safe’ HTML separately. Safe HTML means there is no executable script – script blocks, no CSS script, no events, no javascript:alert() URI’s.

    I’d like to build a tool to automatically consume the safe HTML files and determine if they are script-free by loading the HTML into the browser, walking the DOM and identifying when script-execution might happen with or without user-interaction. Do you know of any API for something like DoesScriptExistInThisPage() or another approach I should take?

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