Prism Status

Prism 0.9 has been out for a little while now. People really like the Firefox extension version. We have been getting some bug reports and feature requests. We are working on them, so keep them coming. Among the Prism related posts, I came across some really interesting news about Prism and Ubuntu (via Tombuntu & Derek Buranen):

The integration between desktop and web applications has been taken to the next level in Ubuntu 8.04 Beta; you can now easily install Prism web apps from the Ubuntu repositories.

Nine familiar sites (mostly from Google) are available at the moment, you can apt-get install or use your package manager to install any of these:

  • prism-facebook
  • prism-google-analytics
  • prism-google-calendar
  • prism-google-docs
  • prism-google-groups
  • prism-google-mail
  • prism-google-reader
  • prism-google-talk
  • prism-twitter

That’s really cool. More information here.

From the comments on Tom’s post, people are happy with Prism’s memory/resource usage. The good news here is that Firefox 3 will have very similar usage patterns.