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Mozilla is starting a new newsletter, about:addons, strictly for add-on related development and hosting. A lot of changes were made to the way extensions are built and hosted during the last Firefox / Mozilla release cycle. Many changes and new features have been happening on AMO as well. It can be hard to keep track of the add-on related changes with all the other types of information coming out of Mozilla, on MDC or blogged on Planet Mozilla. With that in mind, it was decided that a dedicated newsletter could be the best way to get add-on information to add-on developers.

Deb Richardson started the about:mozilla newsletter about seven months ago and it has been a great way for community members to keep informed about news in the Mozilla ecosystem. We’d like to create the same kind of success with about:addons.

Dave Townsend covered some of the details in his post. Use the sign up page to subscribe. The newsletter is primarily an email-based service, but we will post it on DevNews weblog too.

We hope to get the first newsletter out sometime next week. We’ll post more information about submitting news as we get things nailed down. For now, feel free to leave comments about what you want to see.

Update: It seems MailChimp, the service we’re using, is down for maintenance. I was hoping the subscription functionality would not go down during the upgrade maintenance window, but it did. Everything should be back online Monday morning (5/19 9am EST). Sorry for the inconvenience.

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