Extension Developers – Your Final MaxVersion Update

Extension Developers! Yeah, You!

AMO has flipped the switch to support MaxVersion “3.0.*” so make those final version updates now. Firefox 3 RC1 is releasing very, very soon. Yes, “3.0.*” is the final MaxVersion you’ll need for Firefox 3, so don’t delay.

Copied for your reading pleasure:

What this means for you as an add-on author is that after you test with the Firefox 3 release candidates, you can use the Developer Tools section on AMO to bump your version number without having to upload a new version of your add-on.

For completeness, if you want to support Firefox (and none of the alpha’s, betas and pre-releases), here are the recommended version ranges (minVersion – maxVersion) to use:

  • Firefox 2: 2.0 – 2.0.0.*
  • Firefox 3: 3.0 – 3.0.* (Note: that with Firefox 3, it’s a three part version number)

Yay! for the end of update madness! Now go and do it!

3 Replies to “Extension Developers – Your Final MaxVersion Update”

  1. How about a little bit of a notice on this so the eager beta testers can have some of their favorite extension still be compatable when they update? I’m not saying like a week notice or anything but like a three day should suffice.

  2. Firefox 3 RC1 was the first version to support the 3.0.* maxversion and wasn’t released until late on 5/16. So you ended up with 3-ish days of notice 🙂

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