Mobile Update – Fennec 0.4 Released

Fennec 0.4, the M4 milestone, wrapped up last week. There are install packages for those who want to see it running on their Nokia n800/n810 devices. We have some installation instructions and release notes.

Those of you who saw Aza’s UI demo / video and are eager to see that UI in action will have to wait. Milestone 4 doesn’t make any significant UI updates. We have been focusing on some of the underlying, platform work. The UI changes will come in future releases to be sure. Some new UI mockups are available.

Check out the Fennec requirements document for the breakdown of future work. Also, if you want to stay current on happenings with Fennec and Mozilla Mobile in general, sign up for the about:mobile newsletter!

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  1. @David – Windows Mobile is not the primary target platform for A1. But we realize that we need to keep the work on it moving forward as fast as we can.

    We have Monday conf call meetings. Feel free to join in. Also, #mobile on the Mozilla IRC server (see

  2. Fennec dies in about a minute or so every time on my N810 (diablo). Definitely unusable in my case. Anyway, still looking forward to a new one as soon as it comes out.

  3. Todos lo sabemos o lo intuimos, la web móvil es el futuro. Este futuro estaba hasta ahora copado por navegadores propietarios, con Opera Mini a la cabeza.

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