Fennec – M6

Fennec (Mobile Firefox) has reached milestone 6 (M6) last week and can be installed to a Nokia N8x0 for testing. Remember, we haven’t reach alpha yet, but we are getting close. M6 adds “tabs” to the browser UI, adds tel: and mailto: support and makes some much needed stability improvements.

We are adding more UI for M7 (August 19th) and are doing additional performance and stability work. Feel free to give Fennec M6 a try and please file bugs. Use bugzilla and the “Fennec” product category.

Install instructions
M6 Readme

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  2. Any idea when a release (anything, even pre-alpha) might hit for Windows Mobile? In particular, for 6.1 Standard (non-touchscreen). Like Brian, PIE drives me crazy sometimes and while alternatives like Skyfire are sometimes an improvement, I’m sure Fennec would blow them out of the water.

  3. Will this ever be able to work on the Samsung SPHM800(Instinct)? It;s a totally touch screen phone and this would be perfect for it. The browser we have at the time is crap. I hope this does come to the Instinct.

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