Summit 2008 Wrap-up

What a summit! Danger, drama and lots of Mozillians. The summit was really a full blown conference. I heard there were around 400 attendees. There were 3 days packed with sessions and breakouts. I had a blast talking to people I usually only ever interact with on IRC.

Surprisingly, I somehow ended up with a sizable to-do list as well:

  • Work with MozDev group on FizzyPop
  • Talk to a few people about an upcoming DevDay in Toronto
  • Work with AMO on an a11y tool for AMO editors
  • Talk to jresig about a possible jQuery for XUL idea
  • Look into an incubator Hg repository for XULRunner
  • More Prism work related to Maemo and Fennec

I’m sure I forgot an item or two. I barely had time to sit down and write notes. There was literally always something I could have been doing. Either a session I wanted to see or some brainstorming that could be done.

One of the things that impressed me was the fact that the bears, rock slide and power outage didn’t effect vibe. People took the problems in stride and went on with the business of the summit. The long bus ride and crazy flights didn’t dampen anyone spirits either. Everyone seemed upbeat.

Big thanks to Dan Portillo and crew for making the summit possible and for keeping it moving in the face of some pretty big obstacles.

I’d love for Mozilla to stage an event for the entire platform in the future. If the Firefox summit is any indication, a platform event would have massive attendance. That said, the Firefox summit has it’s place and wouldn’t be replaced by a platform event.

2 Replies to “Summit 2008 Wrap-up”

  1. jQuery for XUL would be fantastic.

    Would love to see demos of such a concept become easier to use.

    Maybe this is something Rey Bango would also have good insight into?

  2. I’d like to second the jQuery for XUL “hooray”! Having a library that abstracts away some of the complexities of XUL scripting would be nice, and jQuery-style syntax would make it just plain awesome.

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