Toronto MozCamp

We are planning a developer event in Toronto for mid September. It will be a bit more formal than our previous Developer Days. It’s really more of a MozCamp than a Developer Day, but whatever. The plan is to create a schedule full of sessions covering Mozilla technology.

If you have never used Mozilla technology or just want to learn more about the different parts of the platform, this event is for you. Some of the things you can expect to be covered:

  • What’s the overall structure of Mozilla’s platform?
  • How can you build XUL-based applications or extensions?
  • What’s the newest Web technologies appearing in Mozilla applications?
  • How can you embed Gecko into a native application?
  • Learn about how Mozilla handles localization, testing and cross platform issues (including mobile platforms)

Seneca College has graciously offered to host the event. We currently don’t have a fixed schedule. We could be making 2 session tracks. We might also be running the event for 2 days. If you’re interested in coming, sign up so we can get an idea of the turn out. Post suggestions for sessions as well. If you can’t make it to Toronto, where should we go next?

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  1. 1. Is there a date that it’s happening on yet? Any date range that
    you’re looking at?
    2. Is it free?

  2. How many days are planned for the event? I will most likely be able to attend at least for a day or two. Is the event geared mostly for developers, and/or is the meeting a place for a person who is interested mostly in using XUL and it’s future?

    Thanks MIlan

  3. I would love to go to something like this but we have a big application release planned for the 15th. Will there be another event like this in the near future, hopefully somewhere in the western US? I would be very interested in teaching a session on using XULrunner for developing internal corporate applications.

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