Mozilla Embedding API – Status

The Mozilla Embedding project has been adding small chunks to the new API. The code is now hosted in an incubator repository, with plans of moving code to the main Mozilla tree when it’s ready. Some of the new additions and things we’re working on include:

  • Easy access to the underlying XPCOM interfaces
  • Basic navigation support
  • Executing JavaScript in the web page context
  • New GTK+ widget for Windows (contributed by Tristan Van Berkom)
  • Render web page to image (coming soon)

Pelle added the beginnings of a “Code Snippets” section to the Wiki. We plan on expanding that soon. The first snippets show how to access the DOM of the web page from the embedding host application.

Here’s a short list of tasks we plan to work on soon. If any of these interest you, join us. We hang out on Mozilla IRC in the #embedding channel. Your feedback is important.

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5 Replies to “Mozilla Embedding API – Status”

  1. Cool, I’m excited for the JS execution and rendering to an image. Is there any hope for PDF or PostScript rendering? It would be fabulous to be able to programmatically fetch a PDF of a given page, rendered using Gecko.

  2. I think gecko as pdf rendering engine with html/css as it’s base api could be pretty awesome tool.

  3. Well gecko uses cairo as it’s rendering library, and cairo can easy render to pdf. So i thnik it would be awesome to have api that will render web page into pdf file without running browser.

  4. Rendering to arbitrary cairo targets — PDF, PS, SVG, etc — is supported internally. It would be great to have the embedding API expose that.

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