Adblock Plus comes to Prism

Wladimir Palant announced yesterday that Adblock Plus 1.0rc1 will ship with support for Prism 0.9! Pretty cool stuff. Many Prism users have asked about getting support for popular Firefox add-ons. Adblock Plus has been at the top of the list. Thanks Wladimir.

For those add-on developers out there wondering what changes need to be made to Adblock Plus to support Prism, here is the patch. Wladimir does a great job keeping the code clean. He also worked around a bug in Prism 0.9 that has been fixed on our trunk.

Lucky Disasters has also been collecting some useful information for Prism add-on developers.

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  1. Hi Mark

    I’m looking for how to remove the IE 3d border using MSHTML, and I reached to your article regarding MSHTML ( I tried the code you suggest in the last snippet but the border is still there. The odd thing is that the code works perfect for documents with DOCTYPE = HTML 4.0, but it doesn’t work for documents marked with DOCTYPE = XHTML 1.0, and changing the DOCTYPE is not an option.

    I’m using MSHTML for C# and IE 7. This snippet shows how I’m changing the border style:
    void browser_DocumentComplete(object pDisp, ref object URL)
    ((IHTMLDocument2)this.browser.Document) = “hidden”;
    ((IHTMLDocument2)this.browser.Document) = “176px”;
    ((IHTMLDocument2)this.browser.Document) = “none”;

    Do you know what am I doing wrong?

    I’m sorry for adding this comment in the wrong article, but the comments for the correct article are closed.


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