Talos for Mobile – The System Works!

Talos is the Mozilla performance testing system. Talos runs in conjunction with our continuous build system (Tinderbox). After every build completes, it is sent off to Talos for performance testing. Mobile has continuous builds for Maemo and Windows Mobile (not sure what’s up with mobile-wince-arm-dep-191). Recently, Talos was setup for the Maemo builds. We are collecting data for a few metrics. Tp3 (pageload time) is notably missing. Aki has it working on the staging server, so it should be available soon.

It’s pretty nice to see improvements like this one. However, we primarily monitor performance data for regressions (slow-downs). It didn’t take long before we found our first performance regression. One of our check-ins caused Ts (startup time) to increase about 350ms. We really want the check-in to stick, since it fixes some nasty focus bugs. We will probably need to rework the code a little to recover the Ts speed.

Thank you, Talos!

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