Fennec – The Inside Story

No, I’m not dishing dirt on Stuart. I started to put together some Fennec front-end documentation. Fennec is similar to Firefox, but very different at the same time. Some background information and discussion of the internals is probably a good thing.

I also pulled in some performance related guidelines, most of which I discussed in this post. The document will become the core of my FOSDEM Fennec talk. If you’re thinking of attending that talk, read the document first and come prepared with questions.

I want to add sections on JavaScript APIs and events available in Fennec, as well as some of the process flow. Add-on developers, in particular, should have a solid understanding of the internals. It will make porting your code easier.

4 Replies to “Fennec – The Inside Story”

  1. This front-end documentation you link to is awesome. Really helpful and clearly written. Though I’m not a developer, it’s not hard to quickly learn and understand what you are doing (particularly with things like ) to make Fennec work on memory-constrained devices. Really excellent writing…

  2. um… my reference to the canvas (using the tag syntax) disappeared from my comment.

    so, it should read …(particularly with things like _canvas_)…

    …like I said, not a developer… 🙂

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