Fennec Linux Desktop Builds

Fennec nightly builds for Windows Mobile and Maemo have been available for some time now. Recently, we decided to make nightly desktop builds of Fennec available as well. The desktop builds can be used to test add-ons and localizations with the most up-to-date code changes.

You can find the Linux desktop builds, along with the other nightly builds, here:

Localized versions of the Maemo and Linux desktop builds can be found here:

Thank you L10N & Build Teams!

8 Replies to “Fennec Linux Desktop Builds”

  1. Dan – Ugh! That’s because on touchscreens we hide the cursor. Use about:config to set the “browser.ui.cursor” preference to “true”. I’ll file a bug to get that fixed.

  2. Brian – No updates yet. The updater doesn’t build on all of the mobile platforms, but we are working on it. An update channel is definitely planned.

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