New Life for Old Projects

So much to do, so little time. My workspace is littered with projects I started but couldn’t find the time to keep going. It’s kinda sad and I do feel guilty.

Sometimes those projects find a new life. Recently, two of my old projects found new life: FizzyPop and js-ctypes are both active again.

Doug Warner has started building a Mozilla Project Wizard on the FizzyPop source code. Doug is requesting feedback for improvements. You can try it out here.

Dan Witte has started looking into moving js-ctypes into the Mozilla tree! There are also plans to add a nice JavaScript wrapper API around the XPCOM too.

I feel less guilty now.

4 Replies to “New Life for Old Projects”

  1. Is that mean that the js-ctypes will be enabled by default in minefield nightly sooner or later?
    As you mentioned the js wrapper for XPCOM, is it something like FUEL.js?
    Could you explain the relationship among trace-jit, js-ctypes and xpcom in the future. Is it a chance to make our DOM calls blazing fast?

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