Fennec is Now Optified

The Nokia N900 has about 100MB of free space in the root file system partition. It doesn’t take installing many applications before it fills up. Nokia recommends installing applications to the /opt folder, which has about 1GB of space.

Fennec installs itself to the root file system in the /usr folder. Although this is fine for the N810, it would never work for the N900. We had originally planned to move the install location for Beta 4, but we found a bug that kept Fennec from launching from the /opt folder. The bug has been fixed and Fennec now installs to /opt in nightly versions.

A nice side effect of /opt installation: startup time is ~1 second faster!

6 Replies to “Fennec is Now Optified”

  1. Is the 1.05 b5 already optified?

    Thats the version I have it on my n900…

    If not can you explain how do i get the nightly build with some kind of repository? I dont want to be manually checking for updates.

  2. Checked and the b5 is not optified…

    Is there a way for me to add some repository so I can get the nightly build? I dont want to mess with the terminal by installing the packages (lazy ass)

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