Crash Reporting Comes to Firefox Mobile

The latest Firefox Mobile nightly builds have enabled the Mozilla Crash Reporter, powered by the same Breakpad system as desktop Firefox. While desktop Firefox has been using Breakpad since Firefox 3.0, it was only recently ported to the ARM architecture of the Nokia N900.

Now, when Firefox Mobile (or Fennec nightlies) crash, you should see this application appear:

If you decide to send a crash report to Mozilla, and we really hope you do, you can see your crash, and other crashes, at the Mozilla Crash Reports web site. Here’s a list of all the Firefox Mobile crashes. For example:

You can also manage crash reports from Firefox Mobile itself. Use about:crashes to view all the crash reports created on your device:

Crash reporting and the data they provide will be a huge help to the mobile team. A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped get crash reporting enabled on Maemo!

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