The Future of JavaXPCOM

This is a public service announcement for those people interested in the future of JavaXPCOM. JavaXPCOM has been disabled and will likely to removed from the Mozilla source tree in the future. See Benjamin Smedberg’s newsgroup post for more details.

Please follow up (add comments) to the newsgroup post.

4 Replies to “The Future of JavaXPCOM”

  1. Hey Mark, I know with Gecko 2.0 you guys are making strides in add-ons registering with Fx, I’m wondering how things are going in relation to no-restart-if-you-write-a-special-manifest-or-something-file? It has been discussed on your blog earlier. I’m only asking if there is anything you can say, it might no be a good idea in case a news outlet caught wind of it.

  2. Cool. Yes those bootstrapped add-ons is what I meant. Goodluck with improving Fennec, I’m also excited by the growing power of Jetpack.

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