Add-on Training at Add-on Con

I’ll be taking part in the Training Day portion of Add-on Con this year. Firefox Mobile has made the jump to a multi-process architecture and many aspects of add-on development have changed. Sure, this could be a little scary. Yes, you will need to learn some new tricks. Of course, we’ll be here to help you. My session at Add-on Con will be all about building add-ons that work in a multi-process architecture.

As a developer on the Front-end team of Firefox Mobile, I can tell you that we had to go through the same kind of code changes. Check out some documentation we have for working with multi-process. I’ve also started to build some video tutorials on the subject too. They won’t win any Oscar’s, but might give you a better understanding of what’s changing.

Even if building add-ons for Firefox Mobile isn’t your cup of tea, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention. Rumor has it that desktop Firefox is moving to multi-process soon too.

Hope to see you at Add-on Con. Don’t forget the Mozilla Party!