Firefox for Mobile: Channels and Branding

I mentioned that Firefox for Mobile (codenamed Fennec) has adopted the same rapid release system as used for development of desktop Firefox. The new system creates four (4) channels, each with possible releases: Nightly, Aurora, Beta and Final. With Fennec, you can have all four channels installed on your device at the same time. The installs do not share any files or data – they are completely isolated from each other.

Fennec has adopted new branding for releases. First up is the Nightly channel. As with desktop Firefox, the Nightly channel is our bleeding edge and the new branding has landed there first. If you install or update and existing nightly release of Fennec, you’ll see the new logos and naming. Don’t be alarmed – it’s the same Fennec you know and love, just with a new name and logo.

The branding consistency with desktop Firefox will also trickle into our Aurora channel soon. Firefox for Mobile beta branding will deviate slightly from desktop Firefox. The logos and title will contain “Beta” text to avoid confusion when both final releases and beta releases are installed on the same device.

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  1. Yo dawg, I heard you like Nightlies so we put a Nightly in your Nightly so you can Nightly while you Nightly. does anyone else think “Nightly” is a very poor choice for the name of the product?

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