Firefox Mobile – Send Performance Data

Firefox Mobile recently hooked up the same performance data telemetry system used by desktop Firefox. If you use the Nightly version of Firefox Mobile, you can start sending anonymous performance data back to Mozilla. We will use this data to improve future versions of Firefox Mobile.

It’s really easy to use and is completely anonymous. Once you enable the feature, everything happens in the background. To enable, go to the Feedback panel and make sure Send performance data is toggled on.

While you’re there, send us some feedback on Firefox Mobile as well.

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  1. That ‘Force add-ons compatibility’ reminded me; we could really do with some new thinking about add-on compatibility for Firefox. Especially for Aurora/Beta.

  2. I sort of doubt that the feedback button links to feedback that is read a lot. Only the trends are read.
    Then there is the ml or bugs. Bugs aren’t exactly made for feedback.

    I therefore decided that I would be heard more easily by posting on this blog directly.

    I have been using Firefox on a SGS2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a while now, and by Firefox I mean the Nightly version.

    The experience is vastly better on the SGS2 mostly due to speed, but not only.
    I’ll detail my feedback for the GalaxyTab 10.1:

    – landscape tabs: this uses actually USEFUL space. Please make them hidding, or just auto-hide. I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that it was ok to use that space. While the big “tabs” are cool, using 25% of my screenpace all the time is plain bad.

    – Menus. I would expect Firefox to give me more from “contextual” menus. For example, I often want to copy image URL’s to send them to my friends, and there’s not necessarily a share service for that (e.g. IM). But there’s no “copy link”. I’m tempted to make an addon for such menu items to prove it’s worth, but that would be a big plus.

    – The tab “+” button is close to the “return” button on HoneyComb. No big deal in my case, but I know of some people hitting return instead of +.
    Putting + at the top would make sense.

    – The keyboard and keyboard popup is totally borked. Sometimes it works, sometimes doesnt, often pops above text, etc. Ok I know, I’ve to fill a bug for that one. But I doubt anyone really using Fennec “for real” missed that one.

    – The password prompt when you use a master password. It’s actually pretty annoying on Firefox Desktop, but its really poor on Fennec.
    Here’s the thing: you just want to check a site quickly (recipe, whatever) and pop Fennec. You start typing and bang, half your text goes in the URL bar, half into the password prompt. Bad.

    – The password prompt again, well as I said the password prompt just pops at random. That’s wrong, specially on mobile. Best option I can see so far is use the right-hand bar to have a button that you can push or toggle so that it asks you for the master password. 50% of the time I don’t need it and I’m a heavy user. I’m pretty sure most of the users would like to have their data protected, but need the passwords unlocked actually only every now and then on mobile. It would also fix the previous point.

    To Summarize: tab placement and password prompt for master passwords are plain bad design. I’m actually thinking you will agree. The rest is less important although, i’d like to see them fixed or changed of course.

    It’s otherwise a pretty solid work so far.

  3. No idea if this comes from this post but copy image location is now available since, well, today. Woot! that’s awesome
    Now about the keyboard and tab issues.. šŸ™‚

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