Firefox for Android: Fx & Mobile Work Week

The Mobile team spent last week in not-so-sunny Toronto, pushing Firefox for Android closer to beta-level release criteria. We are getting very close. There is a lot of amazing work landing, especially in graphics. The Graphics team is working with Mobile to integrate GL support into the Gecko rendering system. It’s taken some time, but the results are really starting to look good in Nightly builds.

Mobile wasn’t the only team meeting in Toronto. The Firefox team also got together, and one of main features of the week was HACKING. Pure, seat-of-the-pants hacking. A few of the Mobile team were able to take part in the hack sessions too:

  • Lucas created a nice prototype of the new Reader Mode in Firefox Mobile. He integrated some of the readability code, created a special viewer and a way to manage reading lists.
  • Margaret has a work-in-progress of HTML5 context menu support working.
  • Margaret also updated a patch to add support for the site identity UI.
  • Sriram started work to support text selection in web page content.
  • Jan Odvarko (DevTools) created a prototype of a remote network monitor tool working with Firefox on Android. With the new remote JS debugger, that’s two new remote development tools in the pipeline.

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  1. The newest nightlies with the optimization for scrolling that loads lower rez textures is a lot faster. Almost on part with the ICS browser scrolling wise.

    That’s a pretty impressive improvement, and faster than many. Now if it could match the ICS browser for this.. 🙂

  2. Will some webkit specific CSS features be added to Aurora in the future?

    While Aurora mostly works on Google+ mobile [ ], some parts don’t. For example, after ‘plussing’ a post, a drop-down box appears, saying you have plus the post. This notification does not disappear properly, causing it to mask the “+1” and “repost” buttons on subsequent posting.

    I plan to send feedback to Google about this also.

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