Firefox for Android: Running on Android x86

Intel and Lenovo launched the first Android device based on the Intel Atom processor in 2012 at CES. Some of the current Android x86 devices include the Lenovo K800, the Orange San Diego, the ZTE Grand X IN, and the Motorola RAZR i.

Mozilla has been internally testing Android x86 builds of Firefox. Firefox runs really well on the Motorola RAZR i. Once we get Android x86 nightly builds stood up and running automated tests, we’ll start planning for a release.

In the meantime, you can try a developer build of Firefox for Android x86 yourself. Just like the ARM version, Firefox runs on Android 2.2 or higher. It should run fine on the Lenovo K800, which shipped with Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread).

WARNING: This is not an officially released version of Firefox. It will only run on Intel-based (x86) Android devices.

If you don’t have an Android x86 device, you can still try the build using the Android x86 emulator. It’s the same as standard ARM emulator, but since it’s x86, it runs a lot better on your PC. Just make sure you update your Android SDK so it has the latest AVD images, and make an AVD using the x86 image. Also make sure you enable Use Host GPU as well:

Please let us know how the build works on your Android x86 devices and remember to file bugs.

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  1. Many thanks for that link… Still I’ve got some questions if you don’t mind:

    Do you know by any chance if that is a one-time effort or there are going to be regular x86 builds? If so, what’s the easiest way to keep up? Would “check for updates” function in the app itself check for new x86 builds or for ARM ones?

  2. @Louis

    There is an extracted 4.0.4 ROM floating around, came from Modaco, that has flash for x86 in it, but you need to be rooted to install it. Works on my old Asus netbook

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