Following the Firefox for Android Team

On The Web

If you want to stay up to date on any new developments in Firefox for Android (Fennec), check out the new Tumblr and Twitter stream. Lots of updates on what’s landing in Fennec Nightly, tips and tricks and summaries of the Mobile Engineering Team meetings.

Mailing List

We have a new mailing list at The newsgroup at is being closed. Use the new mailing list to following along and give feedback on topics being discussed, or post your own ideas.


As always, you can jump on Mozilla IRC and talk directly to the Mobile team in the #mobile channel. This is great if you want to start working on the code, need help writing an add-on, want to help investigate a bug or just rant about some design decision.

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  1. @Dirkjan – Good question. I felt it was too noisy for Planet Mozilla. Maybe we could syndicate it to the Mobile subfeed on Planet Mozilla?

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