Leaving Mozilla

I joined Mozilla in 2006 wanting to learn how to build & ship software at a large scale, to push myself to the next level, and to have an impact millions of people. Mozilla also gave me an opportunity to build teams, lead people, and focus on products. It’s been a great experience and I have definitely accomplished my original goals, but after nearly 10 years, I have decided to move on.

One of the most unexpected joys from my time at Mozilla has been working with contributors and the Mozilla Community. The mentorship and communication with contributors creates a positive environment that benefits everyone on the team. Watching someone get excited and engaged from the process of landing code in a Firefox is an awesome feeling.

People of Mozilla, past and present: Thank you for your patience, your trust and your guidance. Ten years creates a lot of memories.

Special shout-out to the Mozilla Mobile team. I’m very proud of the work we (mostly you) accomplished and continue to deliver. You’re a great group of people. Thanks for helping me become a better leader.

It's a Small World - Orlando All Hands Dec 2015
It’s a Small World – Orlando All Hands Dec 2015

7 Things

Steven Lau tagged me with the 7 things meme. He feels I don’t blog about myself enough and that is probably true. But then, who in their right mind wants to know about me? Benjamin thinks it’s important for people to know I’m not so one dimensional 🙂

The Rules

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The Things

  1. I wanted to build spaceships when I grew up. I have Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering degrees to prove it. But alas, the Wall came down and defense contracts dried up. So I started looking for work using my hobby skills.
  2. I worked at Enron. Yes, that Enron. It was an amazing journey through Corporate America and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. Of course, I knew they were selling lies and my 401k was safe. The stories I could tell…
  3. I worked on a project that used MSHTML (embedded IE) very heavily. We did some amazing things using MSHTML. Much of this blog (pre-2007) was about the subject.
  4. I married my wife in Las Vegas at the Little Church of the West.
  5. I always wanted to learn to play guitar. Now I have RockBand
  6. I am jealous of people who are multi-lingual.
  7. I never ate many fruits or vegetables, but I now find myself forced to set a good example for my two daughters.


Here I will break the rules. I was only doing this for the extra dimensions. I finally get to use the “Personal” tag!


I recently accepted a job offer from Mozilla Corporation. Today, I start working as an extension evangelist / consultant – helping extension developers be more successful, productive and happy.

Mozilla has some really smart people and cool technologies. I can’t wait to get started.

Update: He really is a special guy. Thanks Mike.