XULRunner 1.9 Final

As promised, XULRunner 1.9 has gone gold. The final release of the runtimes, SDKs and source tarball are now available. Release notes can be found here.

Even though I have mentioned it before, it’s worth repeating:

Another great addition for XULRunner developers – Microsoft symbol and source server support. Look here for information on Mozilla’s symbol and source server support. Just use http://symbols.mozilla.org/xulrunner instead of the Firefox URL. This is a huge deal for helping developers debug problems using the non-debug releases of XULRunner runtimes and SDKs.

If you haven’t tried using XULRunner yet, now is a great time to start. Use markup/JS/CSS to build real desktop applications using native OS look-n-feel, with complete access to custom and OS binary functionality.

Yay XULRunner!

6 Replies to “XULRunner 1.9 Final”

  1. This is excellent news! I’m glad to see that the XULrunner framework updates are being kept in sync with Firefox releases, providing the same great features to developers.

  2. @web design company – it does support Python, but not out of the box. There is a PyXPCOM extension that can be deployed with XULRunner that enables Python support.

  3. Hey Mark,

    I downloaded xulrunner and created a very simple dojo application to run inside a browser window. I notice when I open the application with “xulrunner.exe application.ini” after just having turned the machine on the window takes up to 10 seconds to load!! On subsequent loads of course things go much faster since stuff is loaded in memory. Any way to speed things up on that first load of the day? Is there a way to simplify xulrunner for just the functionality I need (just the browser window)? Thanks (for all your work)

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