4 Replies to “XULRunner 1.9 RC3”

  1. Sim-shipping xulrunner with Firefox final?

    A long time coming, and totally awesome.

    Thanks for your work on helping to make that happen, Mark.

  2. That jemalloc news is superb. I don’t think that milestone should go by without a lot more fanfare. The perf issues with the mozilla platform in the past have seemingly made all apps built on it less than speedy. If jemalloc versions of XULrunner can bring the perf improvements that Firefox 3 shows, it will be a huge piece in the puzzle required to make XULrunner a genuine app dev platform.

    Just my 2 cents but Wooohoooo!

  3. Great.
    Will there be any demos of the -app Path/to/Application.ini trick for Firefox 3 launch? I don’t want to download .exe applications, I do want lightweight Mozilla-based tools.

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