Firefox for Maemo 1.1 RC 1

Firefox for Maemo 1.1 RC 1 is ready to install. For this release, the focus was some UI features we didn’t have time to put in the initial release. We also used your feedback from previous releases and nightly builds to help improve the browsing experience.

Some of the bigger features include:

As always, we’ve provided unbranded Fennec desktop builds on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can use these if you don’t have a Maemo device or to aid in add-on development. This is the final call for Add-on developers to update their add-ons from Firefox 1.0.x for Maemo.

Note to Ovi Store Customers: If you installed Firefox 1.0.x from the Ovi Store, you will not be able to upgrade to Firefox 1.1 RC 1 (either from the N900 Application Manager or by downloading the software from Mozilla). We are working to solve this for future releases so that anyone can participate in our Beta programs. Don’t worry, though, if you got Firefox 1.0.x from either the Ovi store or directly from Mozilla, you will be updated to Firefox 1.1 (final) when it is released.

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  1. It looks like this release eliminates almost all of the feature disparities between Mobile Firefox and the built-in Maemo browser. (And, Mobile Firefox already has many advantages over the built-in browser, notably Firefox Sync.) I only know of one thing left in the built-in browser that Mobile Firefox doesn’t yet do: hover mode, to allow interaction with web apps that want a mouse position or click-and-drag. Any particular status on that?

    (On the topic of things that *neither* browser does, I’d also love to see support for password encryption via a browser password.)

  2. Any way for ovi store users to completely remove firefox 1.0.1 and get the latest beta? Perhaps by removing some files manually? I’d like to rather use the beta than wait for the release :p Would like to see what got improved.

  3. i think you can copy paste by using capslock n direction arrow in fennec

    in pidgin i do that

  4. One thing that where, I believe I can say in the name of all of us, the Java pluging support on’t.
    As everybody knows, there are lot of sites that request’t, as Java pluging 2.0, as example to close one VPN process, and both web browsers, Firefox and built-in are not compatible…

  5. So installing from the Ovi store makes the program uninstallable? I can’t delete it and then install this RC from the web? Not so open, if this is true.

  6. This is just unusable as no flash content at all plays. Dont even use the flash 9.4

    Asks you to update to flash 10.1 to access flash content. DOH!

  7. It is possible to remove Fennec 1.0.1 and install 1.1RC1. It requires some command line activity, though. The steps: 1) Uninstall Fennec 1.0.1 2) In terminal “sudo gainroot” 3) Edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list – comment out (with hash symbol #) the line that contains “fremantle1.2/ovi” 4) apt-get update 5) apt-get install fennec – you’re done. Don’t forget to re-enable the Ovi repository, though! Re-enabling and upgrading packages didn’t downgrade Fennec from 1.1 RC 1 to 1.0.1, so I feel it’s a right enough way. YMMV.

  8. @robin, @SethDove – See Matti’s comment for a way to work around the Ovi Store problem. When you install something from the Ovi Store, Maemo makes it hard to install the same app from a different source.

  9. Mark,

    Is there a way to disable the viewport feature? I have set my font size to be 20 which I find optimal for reading various ‘standard’ web pages. Unfortunately, the viewport now causes the font used to be way too large for my tastes.

    I searched for viewport in the about:config page but found nothing.


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